Culture NIGHT

For those who call Liberté! Church home.

Come and join us for our once-a-month gathering where we focus on Equipping, Developing and Mobilising our church to be a purpose drive church. We speak vision on these nights and focus on Kingdom culture. It’s also an opportunity to meet the team and see how you can get involved.

Connect GROUPS

Liberté! CONNECT are small bilingual gatherings of 10-15 people.

They meet at different homes or cafe’s around Strasbourg to eat, hang-out, read scripture, pray, connect over some great discussions about the bible and talk about life. Our goal is to provide a mid-week place to gather in order to grow in COMMUNITY and take our faith to a deeper level.


Sisterhood est un mouvement de femmes de tous les jours qui souhaitent rendre le monde meilleur.

Notre église désire être un lieu permettant aux femmes de tout âge de se sentir valorisées, d’exceller dans tous les domaines de leur vie et d’avoir en main toutes les clés nécessaires à leur épanouissement.
Ce mouvement a pour objectif de redonner leur valeur originelle aux femmes.

Nous souhaitons les aider à reconnaître et à croire en leur potentiel. Nous voulons rendre le monde meilleur, montrer notre amour pour Dieu en aimant Ses enfants et proclamer le nom de Dieu dans le monde entier.

Our WOW Sisterhood has begun with the core of our female leadership team, praying, getting together to meet and share our hearts and to inspire one another. The Lord showed our Pastor, that once our core was strong, that we could show women out there that there is a God in Heaven who believes in them and there is a company of people on earth believing in them also.